Finding Nemo

Sale price£1,300.00
Featuring all of our favourite characters from this recognisable family favourite. Using no stencils, no airbrushing and transfer drawing, Rads Customs spent weeks hand painting every finer detail. Ensuring Marlins adventure, bruce the friendly shark, and crush the cool dude were brought to life in every way they deserve. She added the Nike slogan 'Just do it' and the Nemo slogan 'keep swimming' on the tongue tabs, to ensure the customisation epitomised what these shoes are really about; to keep going and see everything through to the end.

Size: UK 8.5
Color: Black
Style: Nike - AF1


To order a customised sneaker, please choose from one of our creators here. Send your requirements for the commission to us and we will then contact and work with the artist on your request.


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