Hi, I am Tai, but better known as @taicustomkicks, based in Slovenia. My passion for sneaker design started when I randomly came across Sierato on YouTube. Shortly after, I decided I wanted to try it out for myself. So in 2019 I made my first custom and launched my IG account. I am particularly proud of the work I did for Gallerie Sakura in Paris. I didn't think I was capable of creating something like the 'Tainos- Jordan 1's'. It was an amazing opportunity and one of the best experience's so far in my customising journey. I now feel I have the ability to create sneakers that I feel represent me and that are creations I will always be proud of.


I'd say I am still discovering my signature style but in the past few years my most unique design is proberly my freestyle doodle pairs. I am really excited to see how my style will evolve in the future as I am learning more and more and can only improve.


These sneakers feature intricate designs and eye-catching details, making them stand out from your standard shoe. Whether for special occasions or everyday wear, these customisations reflect the artists dedication to sneaker culture and their unique place within this art form.



Meet Tai - the super talented sneaker artist based in Slovenia. He started his artistic career making custom pairs for family and shortly after the private commissions followed. Sneaker art is his passion, he loves making 1 of 1 designs and pushes himself to create the best artwork he can; one design in-particular ended up in the Gallerie Sakura in Paris. The theme was super villains so he combined his style with a portrait of Thanos from Marvel Comics.