Hi my name is Robert, from Italy. The first pair of Custom Nikes I painted were in 2020 which were intended to be for myself until someone asked if they could buy them from me. Painting and creating has always been my passion and with the power of social media I have been able to create so many exciting commissions since for so many of you.


I can work on any shoe that is leather or fabric. If you want to request a pair, message me what shoes you want done and most likely I can paint on them! I also paint clothes like jackets and jeans etc. The paints and material used are designed specifically to ensure no fading or peeling of the artwork making it completely wearable and durable.


Here’s some of my previous wearable work. These customs are designed to stand out and influence sneaker culture whilst made for special occasions or everyday wear.



We are grateful ravocustomsno longer paints in black and grey. These colourful pieces are so intricate they almost look printed. Robert’s most noticeable skill is the perfect lining and design placement.

Ravo Customs explains that when a client gives him complete freedom he performs at his best. As an artist there is no better compliment than having no brief and we are not surprised why!

Thank you ravocustomsfor taking part in our ✌🏼 movement.