My name is Cam Pickstock and I am based in Manchester. My shoes have been the pillar at which my recent art career has been built on, I started my wearable art journey with custom shoes and have no intention on stopping at all. Every shoe that is commissioned I put all my effort into each tiny detail whatever the shoe canvas is.


My ultimate goal is to make each pair of custom shoes as unique as possible for each customer. I believe every person should have the opportunity to express themselves through their style and I'm passionate about helping people do that through my custom shoes. My mission is to make sure everyone can walk away with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects their individual style and personality.reflects their individual style and personality.


These sneakers feature intricate designs and eye-catching details, making them stand out from your standard shoe. Whether for special occasions or everyday wear, these customisations reflect the artists dedication to sneaker culture and their unique place within this art form.



Read a feature we did on Cam's work, checking out a client project he has recently been working on. The 'Dragon Ball Z' AF1's depict characters and motifs from the popular anime, along with a considered colour scheme as always. An insane amount of detail. We've talked to Cam about this project and being in the sneaker game, so have a read through the post.